Let’s try this

How do you cope?  Life is so full of challenges and struggles every day and each person has their own way of processing.  I am lucky to be surrounded by friends and family that get me and are there for me, but not everyone has that.  This blog is part of my coping mechanism.  Life sucks and sometimes you need to see it written plainly in front of you.  Part of surviving each challenge is realizing that even though this part of life’s adventure sucks, not only does someone else have it worse but that this will not last forever.

Just to be forward, I’m not writing this for anyone else but me.  Think of it as my “Dear Diary” entry each time I feel like I just need to vent. If you read something that relates to you, great!  Tell me why it related to you, or how you got through something similar.  We’re humans.  We depend on each other in order to get through many of these challenges and struggles.

Similarly, if this blog isn’t calling to you, then keep surfing the internet.  Somewhere out there is someone writing something right now that will call to your very soul.  No two people are the same, but we certainly have areas of our lives that intersect.  Perhaps we’ll cross paths another day, or even share the joy of someone else’s blog post.

So here we go.  You never know where life will take you until you decide to live.


Comments, thoughts, opinions?

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