Checkup – 2mo

It's a little blurry but how can you not want to see this everyday.

Yesterday we had our 2 month check up.   I can’t even believe he’s already 2 months!  Any parent will tell you these appointments are tough on parent and child, but I found out quickly that you cannot prepare yourself for just how awful it truly is.  I’m not a huge fan of needles, anyone close to me can tell you how much of a wimp I am when it comes to them.  But when the nurses puts 3 of them on the table next to your baby boy and asks someone to hold his arms I was an even bigger wimp.  I started crying the second I saw his face when she stuck him.  I wanted to yell at the nurse for hurting him even though she’s just doing her job. I wanted to pick him up and snuggle him, make him know that it would all be okay, and never put him back down.

He’s such a happy boy in the mornings, so full of sunshine and smiles.  That all ended after his shots. He was so upset and cranky for the rest of the day, and rightfully so.  I had to go to work right after his appointment and couldn’t have the snuggle time I wanted, you can be sure that won’t happen again with the rest of his check up appointments.  The nurse mentioned that he may be extra snuggly and want to nurse often for comfort, but I wasn’t going to be able to go home with him which instantly killed me.  First thing I did when I got home though was pick him up and cuddle with him, whispering how much I loved him and that it would be all better tomorrow morning.

I have always known I wanted to be a mother ever since I was a young girl.  But I’m constantly stunned how much I live this little guy.  I will do anything to see that big smile on his face in the mornings and hate to think he’ll ever be sad or hurt in anyway.  After this ordeal I’ve already planned his next check up to be in the afternoon so I can go home with him after.



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