Breastfeeding in Public

There were so many things I didn’t expect to be so difficult when it came to motherhood, breastfeeding is definitely one of them.  It’s time-consuming and a small trip can take a bit of planning.  The biggest thing was how controversial it is.  It never occurred to me that people would be upset by doing what women were made to do, nourish our children with our bodies.  When I see images of mother’s feeding their children I do not see a sexual image.  I certainly don’t feel sexy doing it.  

I try to be modest about it and take my son somewhere a little private so he’s not distracted.  Sometimes I cover when I can’t escape the public setting, but let’s be honest.  It’s hot out right now.   If I’m warm, I know he’s going to be too warm under the cover and I won’t have that.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now the story of the nursing mother in Starbucks.  I am in awe of her being able to do what she did, especially to announce to the world how she was treated.  But her recent article about the comments she received is stunning.  The only way we can normalize what is so healthy for our children is to allow them to witness it being done and seeing us respond in a supportive tone.

I think I’ll be a little bolder knowing that my sons generation needs this to happen to protect his future wife from experiencing the hate that we deal with now.  I’ve always been so worried that I’ll make someone uncomfortable.  I guess I need to accept that and do it anyway.

If you haven’t read the articles they are totally worth the read!

Mom Finds Surprising Breastfeeding Ally In Teen Barista At Starbucks

The Disturbing Trend I Noticed When My Breastfeeding Story Went Viral

Even as this woman as my influence, I’m not quite brave enough yet to take a picture and share with the world something I cherish the most.  Maybe next time.



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