Poor Sick Baby

The best picture I could find of his skin. We were on a road trip and he'd had enough of his carseat already.

My poor guy has been struggling with scaly skin that was red, scaly, and itchy.  I thought it was just cradle cap and we kept giving him a bath and scrubbing it, waiting for it to resolve.   But then his legs and arms broke out and it seemed to be spreading everywhere.  The doctor took one look and said what I feared.  Not only did our boy have eczema but he was suffering from a skin infection and very likely had an allergy to the soap we were using.  And all I could think is that I was using Johnson & Johnson products only!  They are supposed to be the go to product for babies, right? Apparently not.

We’ve been using a new soap and lotion for the last 3 nights and he’s been on antibiotics for the last 2 days and he looks wonderful.  His hands look normal again, his arms are still bumpy but not red, and his face and head are getting so smooth.  And oh the noise!  It’s like he’s woken up from  hibernation.  He’s so talkative now and so much more active.  And now I feel guilty.  How did I not know he was sick? How did I not realize that this was more than just baby acne?  I didn’t even realize his mood was affected until after we saw the doctor.

I’m trying not to take it badly, but more like another lesson learned and something else we survived.  Now I know what I’m looking for when I think he’s not feeling well.  And I can only be glad that we asked our family and finally listened to ourselves and took him in to see the doctor.  Now if you’ll excuse me while I re-wash everything in my house, I can’t let my baby boy be sick anymore.


In case you were wondering — we started using Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash and Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Cream.  We saw a difference immediately!  And he must have too because he was all smiles and giggles after his bath that night and every night since.  Now to figure out what to wash all of the bed linens and clothes in…. suggestions?


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