Update on Eczema

This is actually the best his forehead has looked, but it's still pretty rough.

My poor little boy is cursed with severe eczema.  Since we found out we have changed detergent, stopped using fabric softener, removed our bounce bar, and changed his soap twice and lotion three times.  What have we found out since then?  He is not allowed to use any soap, not even the stuff that claims to be hypoallergenic and pediatrician approved.  He is given an oatmeal bath every night (which he loves), and we lotion him up multiple times a day.  We even found we have to keep him in one-piece footies at all times.  If we put him in a onsie he scratches his legs with hands and feet until his skin is weeping again.

We’ve been to the doctors twice now, and all they can tell us is “keep it up”.  At one point they changed his lotion from the Eucerine Eczema to Aquaphor because it’s supposed to be so thick and helpful to babies with eczema.  Not even 48 hours later his skin was the worst we had ever seen….. so much for that one.  So we put him back on the Eucerine Eczema but it did nothing for the itching he was suffering from.  So another half hour of standing in the aisle looking at all of the options (dismissing half of them immediately because they are scented) and we decided we’d try the Aveeno Baby Eczema, because it says right on the bottle that it helps relieve the itching.  He’s doing wonderful on it, but his skin isn’t 100% yet.  He’s still scratching the second his leg escapes his footies.

When I was pregnant I read everything I could about baby care.  Make sure it’s baby soap, baby lotion, don’t use baby powder, keep applying diaper cream to prevent diaper rash….  but none of the books mentioned how to deal with eczema.  No one told me to expect my wonderful little boy to be in so much pain he screams until the Tylenol kicks in.  And all of the mommy blogs I read?  Everyone’s baby is different when it comes to eczema, so all i can do is “keep it up”.  I never thought I’d feel so helpless as I do when he’s in pain.

So here we are a month later, keeping up on oatmeal baths (we skipped one and we’ll never do it again) and re-applying his lotion with every other diaper change.  He doesn’t need the Tylenol quite as much, but we have good days and bad days.  Thankfully, the weather has been cool, making dealing with his skin just a little bit easier.  Crossing my fingers that he grows out of this.


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  1. My son suffered from eczema too in his first year. He was allergic to any kind of oil and sweat too. In india, a lot is emphasised on baby massage using various oils for strengthening the bones and what not. He was born during the Indian summer and all the oil combined with heat and sweat played havoc with his skin. The doctor even gave us steroid cream to apply upon him which barring once I did not use much. it was a very tough time, the whole first year. As he grew he became fine. But still no oils for him.


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