Four Month Checkup

Makes you just want to scoop him up and snuggle doesn't it?

Today was the day of his dreaded 4 month checkup.  This is the first time the doctor has seen him since he first prescribed antibiotics to help fight a skin infection developed from the Eczema.  So the checkup consisted of all the normal chatter.  We talked more about our little guys skin.  It has improved, but is still in pretty rough condition.  We’ve recently found that the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturizer is actually working much better than the Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy even did.  So we’re already applying the lotion 3-4 times a day on top of nightly baths.  And now we’re trying a topical antibiotic instead of the oral.  Hoping it heals the spots left that are really bad.

They gave him his shots (ugh) and we both cried.  My husband being the tough guy he is, held our guys hands out of the way, and then handed him to me so we could calm down after the ordeal.  My son was quite the little flirt with his megawatt smile aimed at all the nurses.  And then something I was hoping not to hear.  A murmur.  Now I realize that millions of people have murmurs, I do, so I shouldn’t be panicking.  My doctor advised us to take him to a pediatric cardiologist because (I’m hoping I’m explaining it right) it could mean that the ports that were supplying his umbilical cord may not have closed off right.  This apparently means that the lungs wouldn’t be getting the supply they need.  Hello respiratory distress?  Unsure at this point if this could have been a cause or if this is completely unrelated.  They did a dozen different tests while he was in the NICU and nothing came back with a reason he wasn’t breathing right.  This is when the doctor tries to add the “But he’s gaining weight so I’m sure it’s nothing.  Try not to panic.”  Try not to panic…. right… I’m so good at that.  I found myself holding him a little extra closer tonight just watching him breath.  Thinking that my sun (intended) wouldn’t let this hold him back.

I’m starting to dread these checkups.  He actually did really good.  We snuggled in the truck for a few minutes before I buckled him into his car seat.  He passed right out holding my hand on our way home.  The 6 month is already scheduled…  ugh.  As much as I love fall, part of me hopes that the end of October takes its time getting here.



  1. Oh, doctor checkups are the worst! They seem to only become more and more awful with age too because they look at you before the shot like “why are you about to let this happen to me?!” I try to remind myself it is the right thing to do, but this doesn’t make it any easier!


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