The feelings I never prepared for

My high-school sweet heart with our little guy. Not in a million years did I expect to feel so much looking at the two of them together.

I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was young.  I wasn’t in a rush, just knew it was something I really wanted.  I expected the long nights and diaper disasters everyone warns you about.  What I didn’t expect was how extreme my feelings are for my son.  It’s like a whole new definition of love.  

I love my parents, my husband, my family.  But I feel so much more for my son.  I cry knowing he’s in pain or uncomfortable.  Worse knowing there is nothing I can do about it.  I feel such a rush of joy just by his little smile and giggle.  I get over the moon excited when he does something new.

The best is when I watch my son interact with his daddy.  Talk about absolute mush.  It makes me feel like someone turned a heater on to melt my insides. Men and babies are cute. But the man you love mushing over the little guy you made together is a whole other experience.


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