Overload Alert – Daily Prompt

My contribution to the WordPress Daily Prompt.  Today’s influence:

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein
Do you agree?

Ever heard the expression “You learn something new everyday”?  I live by it.  I feel like if I haven’t learned something new then I haven’t done anything.  Even if it’s something small.  A word I saw in a book, an organization they mentioned on the news, or even something interesting I read on Reddit (I’m a sucker for Reddit).  I strongly believe in saying “Not familiar with that, can you explain it” to anyone I talk to.  But I do believe that too much information can make us a little loony.  My example here is WebMD (or other medical diagnostic tools).  We have a cough, a pain, a feeling and we look it up online and read that we have cancer or some other unlikely thing.  I understand that these are supposed to be used lightly and give you an idea if you need to run to the ER or not.   Often WebMD even has lots of good advice including homeopathic remedies.  But I think there should be a warning.  When it’s coming up with a list of conditions, there needs to be a big warning:


1- Warts

2- Acne


1- Cancer

2- Some terrible disease

As a new mom, I quickly learned a golden rule.  DO NOT GOOGLE ANYTHING HEALTH RELATED.  I’d worry my son wasn’t eating enough, or his skin isn’t improving fast enough, or some other silly thing that new moms worry about.  And the first things that pop up are just terrible diseases and things that are so unlikely its ridiculous.  So now I just worry about it and wait for the doctor to tell me to stop worrying. I think that’s all we can ever do.  So all of those medical diagnostic websites need to have a common sense check before you are allowed to see what they think you might have.


Comments, thoughts, opinions?

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