Car Seat Hunting

How could you let him ever sit in something uncomfortable? I know, I'm a sucker....

So my little guy has been expressing his discomfort with his car seat as of late.  He’s spending more time in as we take him to grandma’s for in the morning, he runs errands with her, and then pick him back up in the afternoon.  So we officially started looking at other car seats.  Holy. Crap.  There are tons!  I had no idea what to look for and was completely overwhelmed.  Luckily, on one of the many mommy blogs I read, I tripped over a comment about Car Seats For The Littles.  Best thing that ever happened to me.  It’s great seeing all the questions from mom’s like myself, and the tech’s giving great advice.  Even better is seeing other mom’s post their experiences with different brands.  

Well just a little while ago some mentioned the Graco Milestone.  With so many Graco products I wasn’t at all surprised that I hadn’t heard about it.  So I read CSFTL’s review on it and looked around at a couple other sites. Wow!  I think I’m in love with this seat.  I think we’ll still go hunt one down and see how he likes it, but I’m pretty much sold.  But then my night got even better.  I found out that they are doing a giveaway.  Now I realize my chances for winning are slim, but who wouldn’t want to try?  So I thought I’d share their post, because who couldn’t use a free car seat?  You can find where to enter after you read through the entire review (which is loaded with good information).

Good luck on your car seat hunting!


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