Customer Service

A small break to smile at me. The surprise Blue Jay getting a break from him attacking it. Poor birdie.

I usually find product issues to go one of two ways.  Either I never complain about it because I know it won’t go anywhere, or I submit a complaint and it doesn’t go anywhere. So imagine my surprise when I put in a product complaint, and the company turned around and fixed it in a matter of days.  Not only did they fix it, they sent something extra for my special little guy.

If you don’t know what Evenflo’s 3-in-1 Exersaucer is, you need to find out.  My little guy absolutely loves it.  I’m all about ways of saving money and saving space.  This is loaded in toys and activities for him to play with.  One of the major reasons we bought it was because it would grow with him from tummy time, to exersaucer, to activity table.   And it’s been amazing to see him grow up over these few months with it.  But we ran into a small problem.  The Toucan when tugged on (he’s 5 months, you tell him not to put it in his mouth) comes right out of the hole.  He accidentally smacked himself a couple of times in the head  when playing with it.  So I wrote a quick email just letting them know that it doesn’t stand up to my little guy and I’m sure other moms would run into the issue.  Within hours they emailed me back, had me check something, and advised me a new one was on its way and so was an extra little birdie toy.  That was just a couple of days ago.  Today they arrived.  The new Toucan fits perfectly.  Even I can’t pop it out.  And the new blue jay birdie?  He’s a total fan.

I never run into such great service, and when I do I make sure everyone knows about it.  So I wanted to make my small impact on society by giving a big shout out to Evenflo. You guys are amazing.  Thank you for employing such great staff and great standards.  I’ll be comparing everyone else’s customer service against yours…. especially as we near the holiday season!



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