Autumn Leaves – WordPress Daily Post

We already knew he favored apples over all other foods we've tried. Let him suck on an apple and he went crazy! Wouldn't let it go!

Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?

Today officially marks the first day of autumn!!  I love fall.  I personally cannot stand the hot, sweaty, muggy, miserable weather that is summer.  During the summer i find myself missing the growing beauty that is spring, or longing for the leaves to begin changing.  There is something so relaxing and refreshing about changing leaves, cooling weather, and apple flavored everything.  Even the smell of the air is calming.

I know I still have another week of September…. but those Halloween decorations are coming out!  I’m such a family person, and being such, I love every holiday that encourages family activity.  I remember going trick-or-treating with my little brother and our parents following along in the car keeping eyes on us.  We’d get home exhausted and they’d check our bags for anything “dangerous” (like Reese’s and Snickers).  I am beyond excited to share our little guy’s first Halloween with all of his Grandparents.  I bought his Halloween costume last year before we even knew he was a boy!  Watson and I are talking about having a little fire so we can sit outside and hand candy out this year.  He insists that we maintain status as “the cool house” and continue our tradition of giving out full-size candy bars.  I’m fine with it, but must maintain tradition and roll my eyes at him.

I think part of the excitement of fall for me is baking.  I love to bake (and Watson likes to eat what I bake) and the summer makes it difficult because of the stifling heat.  But in autumn the house just begs to have the windows cracked open and a tray of cookies in the oven.  I have a feeling I won’t be baking as much this year because Watson is working overnights which means me and the little guy get to play and snuggle until Daddy wakes up.  Doesn’t leave much time to do anything but make dinner.  You won’t see me complain though.  I can’t wait to watch my amazing little guy jump in his first pile of leaves, “help” me make cookies for the first time, or even help him decide on his Halloween costume.  What kinds of memories does fall bring you?


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