Gluten, Eczema, Similac

Our baby boy after a little Similac formula. I don't think we'll use that again.

So in the last couple months Watson has been seeing the doctor and trying to get healthy (finally *insert cheer*).  I swore to him that when he was ready to get healthy, we’d go all in and do it together.  We’ve gone to the nutritionist twice and have been making adjustments as we travel along our path to a healthier life style.  The big one for our house has been wheat.  I love white bread.  I love it so much there is no real way to perfectly explain to you how happy it would make me to have a loaf of Italian bread with butter for dinner.  LOVE it.  I’ve never eaten whole wheat anything.  I’ve hated wheat, rye, whole grain everything since I was a kid.  So when I say a big change, I mean huge.  Whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat crackers, and brown rice. The ingredients can not say enriched wheat, it has to be stone ground.

Since this change I’ve been having more and more stomach problems.  I’m not talking a tummy ache after eating too much sugar pain.  I’m talking curled up in a ball in the corner of my bed praying the pain stops.  It got so bad I could barely nurse my son in the middle of the night. I’ve been nauseous almost every time I eat (I’d dare to say worse than morning sickness), so we finally went to the doctor’s today.  Ugh. I was basically told if it’s not Celiac Disease, then I have a gluten sensitivity.  We’ll no more when the blood work comes back.  Either way, my gluten/wheat eating days are over.  Talk about a complete make over on our diet.  And my darling husband is diving into this with me.  He asked me on our way home what we should grab to eat…. a few minutes of quietly thinking of what I could eat and we were lost.  No more burgers, chicken nuggets, or anything fast food.  I shouldn’t complain.  This will be good for us. But my life just got so much more complicated.  Time to go Pinterest some gluten-free recipes.

To go along with my gluten torture, my son’s skin is very likely because of this.  We’ll see as we progress if his skin finally heals.  And if it does, you won’t see me complain one little bit.  Anything to make him feel better.  (ok i’m going to whine a little when I look at a donut or cookie that I can’t have).  And don’t you know we trip into yet another set back with him.  Grandma has been watching him during the day while I work.  Sometimes she runs out of milk and gives him formula.  I still have cans of formula from all of the samples we received while expecting our baby boy.  So we’ve slowly been using it up.  Well he finished a can of Enfamil so Grandma switched to the next can which happened to be Similac.  Never. Again.  An hour after his bottle his whole face broke out terribly.  And tonight?  We found his leg was no longer weeping clear liquid, he was bleeding through his jammies.  It appears he might have a cow’s milk allergy on top of everything else.  Great. So we’ll be switching back to Enfamil, but focusing on something specifically hypo-allergenic (hopefully not like the Johnson & Johnson was “hypoallergenic“).

I just have to keep thinking “This will not last forever.  We will get through this.”  Today was not a good day for our house… tomorrow will be better, right?



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