Rolling Over

A nice morning surprise to see my guy happy and "chatting" to his mobile!

I’ve been eagerly waiting and watching my little guy for any signs that he is going to rollover.  And so far nothing.  I won’t say I’m worried, he’s too smart for any of that nonsense.  We know he can, we’ve gone in his room because he rolled over and woke himself up (he hates sleeping on his back). But I want to see it happen!

This morning I woke up before him (pure and utter shock right there), so I thought I would pick up a little while I waited for him to stir.  Passing his door I could hear him “talking” away so I popped my head in.  And there he is.  Happy, smiling,and “chatting” with the Cat in the Hat heads on his mobile. It’s like he’s taunting me, lol.  Such a wonderful surprise this morning to see his smiles looking at me when I walked in that I won’t complain even a little that I didn’t see him roll over.  Now excuse me, I’m going to put down his play mat and tickle that happy little guy until he squeals.  Hope your morning is starting off as good as mine!



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