Big Day Ahead – Daily Prompt

Someone loves breakfast!

It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?

I plan everything to a tee and leave nothing to chance.   But I always double check everything with everyone to make sure there is no confusion for the event.  But no matter the event, I always calm my nerves the same way.  Friends and family.  

The night before my wedding I stayed with most of the girls in my wedding party at my best friend’s house.  I didn’t sleep much, but it was great waking up with everyone and knowing they would be with me when my life changed.

On my due date, they scheduled my induction for the next evening.  We spoke with our whole family that night letting them know what the plan was and enjoyed that evening with my grandfather and dad.  Early the next morning we made sure we had everything packed and ready to go for the induction.

Currently we are preparing for our first vacation as a family.  We are going up to the amazing Adirondack Mountains for a week.  I am still going to be working from the condo we are staying in, but my husband won’t be.  He’ll be enjoying quality time with his son and we’ll get to spend our evenings enjoying fall in the mountains.  My husband has talked about these condos since we started dating almost 11 years ago.  His grandparent’s owned a time share and made many memories with their family in them.  Anyone who has traveled with an infant knows it takes a whole bunch of planning.  I have lists for what to pack, meal plans, and things to do.  What I can’t plan is how well my little guy is going to handle the 4 hour car ride.  Here’s to hoping he handles the car ride the way he handles breakfast time! (*fingers crossed*)


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