Common Core: The Good, The Bad, and The Reality

This very topic terrifies me. Before my son was born, my husband and I heard about it and knew it sounded like a bad idea. But now we’re parents, and school is coming faster than we’d like. This article hits my fears dead on. I struggled in school for years because of a lack of reading comprehension , my husband however did not. He was smart enough that he was bored the whole way through high school. The common core is going to be terrible if our kids are anything like us.

This is an amazing post that everyone should be reading!


Last year, I wrote the post “How Common Core is Slowly Changing My Child.”  It struck a nerve with parents and teachers across the country as we all were adjusting to the new Common Core State Standards. I wrote it on a night where everything went wrong and homework was a nightmare for my then third grade son. That day had also been particularly difficult at work as I had begun to teach the first common core module unit to my ninth graders. After the kids went to bed, I wrote. By morning, the response was overwhelming. Two weeks later, I still had parents commenting on the change they had seen in their children due to school.

A year later, almost to the date, the post is making its way onto people’s newsfeed again and I’m getting the same comments from concerned parents and teachers.  It’s been a…

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