Switching to Formula

I dare you not to smile when you see that face!

Watson and I finally made a tough decision.  We’ve decided to wean our baby boy off of breastmilk and onto formula.  Between gluten and cow’s milk allergies I’m too afraid to eat anything for fear of poisoning my son.  And who knows if that is all he is allergic to!  And at this point I’m so limited on what I can eat that I’m not getting enough calories to keep my supply up.

I hate knowing I’m quitting already on breastfeeding.  I sincerely wanted to keep breastfeeding until he was at least 1.  But it’s no longer the best thing for him.   After some unfortunate trial and error it appears Enfamil’s Nutramigen is the only thing he doesn’t break out after eating.  And since we’ve started his skin is looking much better., so I’m trying to keep positive about the transition. The worst part is that his formula is not only terribly expensive, but it stinks!

I keep reminding myself that so many babies are exclusively formula fed and turn out just fine.  As a friend said, I made it 6 months.  But i hate knowing I wasn’t able to do this for him even longer.  Then I sit down with him on the couch and see how smart (and vocal) he is and know that I’m doing everything I can to make sure you grows up healthy and happy.  That is all that should matter.  So I’ll get over it.



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