Ugh. Teething Sucks

He's starting to look so grown up!

I day dreamed about being a mom since I was in my early teens.  Dreamed of smiling faces, sweet little giggles, and holding hands with a miracle.  I didn’t expect the skin issues, the vaccines, and definitely not the teething.  I never thought I’d be so happy to see two little pearly whites coming up from his sore little gums.  It breaks my heart when he’s screaming in pain and I’m stuck waiting for the Motrin to kick in. 

People tell you that teething stinks, but you just don’t fully comprehend it until you are in it.  And a small part of me wants to cheer that it’s almost over… Then my brain starts laughing at me for thinking we’re even close to being out of the woods.  And slowly but surely we are figuring out what makes those tiny little gums feel better.

Being a mom is deffinitly tougher than I ever imagined.  But that little boy’s giggle makes it all worth it.


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