Happy Holidays!

We were not so happy meeting Santa... Next year maybe. Santa had a good chuckle though!

I’m so sorry for the long delays between posts. The holiday season is proving to be a very busy one for our little family. Today I did something I have been too scared to do. I went out shopping with my little guy for the majority of the day. We finished up some last minute Christmas shopping and we had lunch at our favorite place, Wegmans.  He had Beechnut’s Apple Mango Avocado baby food, and I had a Caterpillar sushi roll. We laughed, and giggled, and touched all sorts of new materials. And you know what? Not once did I lock him and my keys in the car, nor did I lose him. I’m feeling pretty confident as a parent right now. And before anyone rolls their eyes… I’m fully aware that both of those things will eventually happen, but not today!

Our baby boy’s first Christmas is proving to be absolutely amazing. Watching him study the tree, the lights, the ornaments, and touch and feel everything is just amazing. I made that. I made him. I’m amazed again and again every day by him. I realize this sounds awful, bragging about my kid. I always swore I wouldn’t be that mom that was completely absorbed in everything they do. But do you ever just sit back, watch your babies breath heavily in sleep, and wonder how you made such a little miracle? How they completely change the relationship between you and your significant other from lovers, to something so much more?

Anyways. We took little guy to see dear old Santa Claus for the first time. We started off completely confused by the women trying to get him to look at the camera. Then he was curious about the old guy holding him. But then he realized Santa was not Grandpa… Houston. We have melt down. We did get 1 picture of him with a half smile… But the rest are all looking at Santa. We did get one great picture of him with our Christmas tree. He’s sitting on the floor underneath it playing with a red plastic ball ornament. So that will have to do for his first Christmas picture.

I hope you all are having an amazing holiday experience, whatever you celebrate, and that your life be full of family, friends, and food this season! You probably won’t see another post from me until after the New Year. So I’ll see you then!


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