The years past

Baby boy being the silly baby that he is.

I can’t believe Christmas is over and the New Year is literally around the corner. We had no snow for Christmas, which I think makes it even more surreal. But every year, when New Years arrives, I always look back. I look back at where I came from, who I’ve become, and things I never did but wanted to. This may sound counter productive to you, but I feel like its important to do once every year.

I didn’t have a great relationship with my parents when I was a teenager. We disagreed on everything (which I’m assuming is normal in the teenage years) and tempers got the best of every body. Living with my boyfriend could have lead us down so many paths… and many of them not good ones. But here we are, not even 30, and we’re married, own our own home, and celebrating the holidays with our first child. We have good jobs and a strong relationship. Everything I could have dreamed of. Sure, we may not be rolling in the money, but that was never something I aspired to. I dreamed of baking with a child, reading bedtime stories, and making a mess of our home with little ones. I dreamed of watching my husband play with our children, converting a nursery into a big boy room, and seeing my parents interact with their grandchildren.

I think of where life could have taken us and can’t help but to feel so blessed. My relationship with my parents couldn’t be better now. And there isn’t anything I want in the world more, than to spend time surrounded by family and share the love my son brings to us each day. My husband is my greatest blessing, and this life (including my amazing son) wouldn’t be possible without him.

I hope your Christmas was magical, and I hope you take a few minutes to think back on years past. Life is unexpected, but it’s important to be grateful for the blessings we have. Happy Holidays.


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