What’s Burning?

Happy New Year!!

Watson and I are both very blessed to be able to work from home for different companies. I work during the day and Watson does overnights. And during the holidays everything is very slow so I got to spend a lot of quality time with my little guy. But this wasn’t how I wanted to start my new years. 

Our little guy is slowly weaning himself off of his binkies (thank goodness!). But he still requires them for naps, and definitely for bedtime. So when late morning came around on New Years day, and it was getting to be time for his first nap of the day, I walked upstairs chatting with him on the trip to get binkie from his room. Things quickly changed when I made it half way up the stairs… You could smell something, like plastic, burning. I worry a lot, and I’m pretty sure Watson just waves off half of the things I think I hear/see/smell. But this time when I woke him up, I think the panic on my face must have registered. Watson uses a CPAP machine, and he sleeps very soundly with it. It usually takes him a minute to stir before he’s awake enough to take the mask off and converse. But when I came rushing into the room this time he was up in a matter of seconds. I told him to check his machine because somethings burning and it’s up here, but I already knew it wasn’t in our bedroom. A quick dash across the hall into the bathroom and I knew it was clear, the smell wasn’t as strong. So i quickly run into the nursery and bam… the smell smacked me right in the face. There are only 4 things plugged into outlets in the nursery:

  1. Baby monitor
  2. Lamp
  3. Fan
  4. Humidifier

The fan wasn’t even on, so my first stop was the humidifier, and boy what a good guess. The smell was terrible, but I couldn’t see smoke or signs of a fire, until I realized its lights weren’t on. I handed the baby to Watson and unplugged the humidifier. The mark on the carpet was the sign I was looking for. For whatever reason, the humidifier started to overheat and made a burn mark on the carpet. This was a humidifier we had been using in the livingroom only 6 months before. My first reaction, was to grab that sucker and usher it straight out of my house. I was so upset, but so thankful that my baby boy hadn’t been in that room when it happened. Thankful that it happened in the daytime when I was awake and could smell it. Thankful that I’m a worrywart and I’m hyper aware of any slight change in my home.

I don't suggest you purchase anything from this company.

Beautiful design and holds a TON of water… Poor customer service. I don’t suggest you purchase anything from this company.

I contacted the company through their website, but never heard back. Tried calling, but got to no one. You can be sure I won’t be purchasing another item from this company. We live in upstate New York and are in the middle of winter, and like many others our house is very dry this time of year. One night without a humidifier and baby boy was stuffed up terribly the next day. We purchased one of those Vicks Starry Night humidifiers to replace it, but you can be sure I’ll be keeping a close eye on that little sucker. I even stuck it on a timer so it won’t turn on until just before bedtime, and shuts off just after he wakes up. I find myself triple checking everything plugged in lately. Is it necessary? How much damage could it do if it failed? Where can I store it that is easy to access? I realize its probably overkill… but this is my baby’s life we are talking about. I hope your start to the New Year was much less exciting than ours!


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