Damn it Eczema

He gets so excited when he hears the theme song to Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Finally got a good picture of him when it starts.

Ugh. I feel like we’ll never win this fight against eczema. We’ve been keeping on top of it with nightly baths, weekly oatmeal baths, and twice daily lotion. I triple check everything. Did I wash that in Dreft? I removed all dryer sheets and fabric softener, right? What new foods did he try this week? But don’t you know it… he had another flare up. This one just doesn’t seem to want to go away. Well baby boy had his 9 month wellness check up and they told us he’s perfectly healthy! Except his skin. It’s infected. Again. UGH!

They put him back on antibiotics (something I hoped to avoid) and gave us a standing prescription for ointment for his flare ups to try to prevent future infections. I swear, I am single-handedly boosting the business in this area on non-stick gauze pads and self stick bandage wraps!  So now I’m changing the laundry detergent… again. And I’m scrubbing the tub before EVERY bath just in case its residue from mine or Watson’s soap. I just don’t know what else to do! It seems like everyone can equate their kids eczema to a food/environmental allergy… I think our kid just flares up at everything. He even breaks out when he has a “B” Bomb

For now, I’ll just keep chanting “He will grow out of this. He will grow out of this.” Because he will, right?



  1. It will get better with age! My kiddo (3 yr boy) had it bad as a baby too. Muuuch better now and continues to improve every year. His triggers are seasonal allergies and dry skin. He still itches occasionally, usually when forget to slather him up in lotion or cortisone. We found adding baking soda to his bath water really helps. Something about how it adjusts ph and softens skin. Good luck and hang in there! P.s. watch out for hand foot and mouth disease – it loves eczema.


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