A Bad Day

On his good days, when the teeth aren't so bad, he loves to be up and walking on his own!

Today was a bad day. Baby boy is cutting 3 teeth (that I can see) at once and it’s getting the better of us both. He’s miserable and only wants to be held, but he doesn’t want you to sit down and hold him. I am exhausted, my arms hurt, and I can’t listen to him cry anymore. It took an hour to get him down for bed tonight and he’s waking up every half an hour crying. Just when we were making progress with this whole sleep training thing. My nerves are frayed from listening to him cry so much. I feel helpless, but worse, I feel frustrated.

I know its not his fault. He’s in pain, who wouldn’t be? But I feel like there is no end with this teething thing. I keep trying to give him things to help it. Those frozen gel rings, different textured teething keys, ice cold celery sticks, terry cloth anything… But it only lasts so long before we’re back to crying and wanting to be held. And he’s taken to chewing on his hands so much that they are destroyed. People get one glimpse of those red, cracked, sore looking little hands and you can feel their judgement being cast. They haven’t even seen his legs or elbows which are STILL broken out (though better than they were).

I keep telling myself that I’m not the only mom fighting this fight. That some mom’s have 2 babies going through this, and I seriously bow to them. I don’t know how you do it and keep sane! I’m not a bad mom, I just had a bad day. One of many to come I’m sure. Hopefully these teeth cut through and end this misery sooner rather than later.



  1. Maybe you’ve already tried them, but Hyland’s natural teething tablets got our two kids through teething. They are also super safe. When my daughter accidentally ate a half bottle, poison control told us she’d have to eat about 8 full bottles before we should worry. We still have them on hand for those 6 year molars!

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