So Glad They Told Me

If you don’t already follow Katia from IAMTHEMILK or Yummy Mummy Club, here is just another reason to get over there and check her out.  She’s spreading the word about a new campaign that sinks home with me, especially tonight.

I’ve recently become aware of a campaign initiated by a fellow blogger mom, Stephanie Sprenger, at Mommy, for Real designed to embrace the validity of the different ways in which we experience parenting and to uplift those of us who are struggling with its less glamorous moments. Stephanie launched her campaign yesterday with the twitter hashtag #sogladtheytoldme and asked some of her fellow blogger moms to participate by sharing their own experiences concerning parental challenges their friends warned them about in advance.

I was trying to think of parenting advice that I was grateful for, and I couldn’t really think of any. I remember when I was pregnant I heard a lot of “Just you waits” and “You’ll really understand what love is when he gets here”. Until I remembered something my mom said to me just recently. It was the day we found out Baby Boy’s skin was infected again. I was upset and talking to her about what the doctor said and how I was feeling like a failure at motherhood. Her four words made me feel so much better. “You’re doing great hunny.”

It’s crazy what a difference these few words made. So now I find myself sharing the same with my fellow new moms. We’re all doing the best we can, keep it up.


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