Teething Tablets

This is our boy an hour after we gave him Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets.

Thanks to a couple of great women (I’m looking at you Tad and Meg), I tried out Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets. I was so nervous to give him something without discussing it with his doctor, especially because of his skin.  I talked to my mom, as well as a few friends, and received mixed reviews. Some said it was a welcome relief to their little one, and others said they noticed no improvement. What I did not receive, was one mention of a negative impact on their child. So we bought some the next day and gave them to him before dinner. 

Hylands Teething TabletsCan I just say… WOW! Within an hour (no exaggeration) he was so happy! He was playful at dinner and so talkative. It’s been a week since we started the tablets and we’ve given him very little Motrin. He seems so much more content, extremely playful, and very talkative. You can definitely tell when it’s time for another dose of tablets, but I have little fear for his innocent little tummy. I couldn’t be any happier with how this turned out. I love knowing that I am putting more holistic and natural things into his little body and less chemicals. I will definitely be sharing this amazing product with all of my mommy friends. Now if only I can find the natural cure for baby boy’s eczema!



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