Bananas, Yoga, and Nannies. Oh my!

Playing in the snow... or death gripping mommy's hand while we stomp our shoes in it and bend down and touch the wet white stuff.... you decide.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to sit down and write a post. Too long. But so much has been happening in this cramped little house of ours.

To start with good news, we found out why our little guy’s skin had gotten so bad. On bad news, I found out I’ve been poisoning him pretty much since we started feeding him solids. We’ve always spoon fed him, but recently we’ve started letting him try to pick up pieces of his food. So instead of mashing up his banana, we decided to cut it up into chunks and let him touch it. Don’t you know his poor little hands broke out so red and swollen. His face and every part of his head that he touched broke out terribly. It’s so frustrating! Just when I think I’ve got it figured out, it all blows up on me again. Bananas. Are you freaking kidding me? And you know what? Its. In. Everything! It’s in his cereal and yogurt melts and we fed them to him daily. I feel terrible that we didn’t figure it out earlier, but I feel better knowing we’ve figured it out. It’s been 2 weeks and his skin looks so much better. I’d like to think with spring coming around the corner that he’ll only improve from here. I’ve heard great things about kids with eczema being exposed to sunlight. I guess we’ll see.

Now I know that mastering new skills is a natural part of growing up for babies, but who knew it would be so exciting for the parents? In just a couple weekends our little guy mastered crawling, picking himself up on EVERYTHING, and waving. Ugh the waving. He waves at everyone and everything and gets such a big smile on his face when you smile back. I’m smiling just thinking about that happy face and he’s been in bed for a few hours now. He’s so curious and now figured out that he can explore things if he just gets himself up and moves towards it. We’re having fun encouraging him almost as much as we are trying to get him to slow down so we can catch up. He’s growing up so quickly. They weren’t kidding when they said time flies!

Once upon a time when I was skinny and had an abundance of free-time and I did yoga every morning. I bet that sounds like the beginning to a lot of pre-mom stories, huh? Anyway, since our little guy has been born I just don’t have time nor energy. Well for Valentine’s Day Watson bought me a Groupon deal for 20 Hot Yoga classes. Holy. God. Those women are amazing. The instructor is loud and pushy and encouraging and insane. I don’t know how she does it 3 times a day, but my hat is off to her. By the end of class I am beat and just want a cold glass of wine and half a pizza (ham, black olive, and jalapeno anyone?). But I am really enjoying a little “me” time 2 days a week. It’s weird being away from the house and not putting the little guy to bed those nights. But I feel a little like a grown up again. Except when I start humming the theme song from Jake and the Neverland Pirates in my head when we’re supposed to be in savasana.

On top of all that is the childcare situation. Watson and I both work from home, which is an amazing blessing, but quite the challenge too. Watson’s mom used to watch the little guy for me in the morning but she has since gone back to work on top of taking care of litters of puppies. So Watson and I agreed to sit down and look at our budget and figure out how we’d fit in childcare. Shout out to the Momma’s who have their kiddies in daycare, how do you do it! We looked at a day care center around the corner from us and they wanted $250 a week! That is almost a third of my salary. Hours of deliberation and several bouts of sticker shock later, Watson and I decided we would find someone to come into our home to watch him. I’m terribly nervous about this as my house is a near constant disaster. The only things I am consistently able to clean are the little guy’s laundry, his highchair, his nursery, and his playroom…. everything else I keep telling myself I will get to it, and then those beautiful brown eyes beg for me to go play with him and there goes my cleaning mood. So now we’re emailing and interviewing potential people to be a caregiver of the most precious thing in the world to me. Every time I start to read an email from someone interested I get a little more nervous. I mean have you read the stories and seen the videos of what some of the crazy people out there do to such innocent little souls!!!

Overall we’ve had a lot of good changes the last couple weeks. I’m sure a nanny will be too. I just have to keep thinking positively….. right?


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