Yes I have a Nanny. You can stop judging now.

Someone was "helping" me as I tried to pick up his play room. Yes. Those are books behind him that he is so helpfully pulling back OUT of the basket. Little bugger...

Dear friend,

Watson and I know that we are very blessed to be able to work from home and spend so much time with our amazing little guy. We knew it would be an awkward topic so we kept hiring a nanny to ourselves  until it was done. And when we talk about our adventures at home with a part-time nanny, I can see the judgement cross your face. Yes, I hired a nanny. No, we are not rich. Yes, we are still very involved with our baby boy. No, I do not think I am better than anyone else, quite the contrary. Honestly, when we first put out the ad I was kind of embarrassed. There are mom’s that work full-time, with a commute, and multiple kids, and still manage to keep their house in order. They can do it all. As much as I want to be, I’m just not that mom. Between keeping our little guy out of trouble, working full-time, and getting quality time in with him and Watson I was completely stressing out. By the time he went down at night I was too tired to bother doing more than picking up his toys. I always imagined myself being one of those do-it-all moms, and I’m disappointed in myself that I’m not. I don’t need your judgement cast over me to make it any worse.

Even though she is only with us for 4 hours a day, she is such a huge help. He absolutely loves her, and there is nothing better than hearing his laugh while they play. She keeps him on his schedule that we’ve identified with her and she’s learned his queues so quickly. With her help, it’s a little easier keeping the house somewhat presentable (I’m not going for perfect). I don’t feel tired when I see the messes in my house, I see them as manageable.

I realize you don’t have kids, so trust me when I say it isn’t as easy as you think. They are fun, loving, adorable little mess makers… and the mess cycle never ends. I’m just asking that you be understanding and a little less judgmental. I love knowing my son is where I can keep an eye on him, and I know he is not being harmed. I love knowing my son gets excited to see her when she arrives every morning. I love knowing I am doing my best, which is more with her help.

You are my friend. He is my son and my world. One day, you will understand.


His mommy ❤


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  1. I can read through your mind. I know what you are saying. You have been doing a great job, mama! I have a 10 mo boy and I work part-time from home. My husband works full-time and my in-laws stay with me. Despite all this, I have hired a part-time maid. I try not to feel guilty..Because, at the end of the day, I feel that I have still been able to dedicate the entire day looking after him. He is always there on my mind. Now, that matters a lot more! Isn’t it?


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