One Year – Big Changes

You mean you don't eat your cake like this?

My little guy turned one. How did that happen? He’s walking, showing interest in EVERYTHING, climbing, not quite talking but able to give you an idea of what he wants. I can’t believe that just a year ago we were worried about O2 and glucose levels and when, if ever, he would come home. I can’t believe how in 1 year Watson and I went from being nervous new parents to running around an indoor jungle gym chasing after baby boy. 

Except for his cereal at breakfast, baby boy refuses to be fed. He demands to feed himself, and we let him. The front of his mouth is full of teeth and his molars on their way in. There are almost no signs of the little new born baby boy we brought home. Where is the guy who likes to snuggle

When they tell you time flies, they aren’t kidding. Emotions I never thought I could feel, I feel several times a day. I’ve had extreme highs as a parent, followed by the lowest of lows. You read, you watch videos, you talk with other parents. But nothing can ever prepare you for the biggest change of your life. I wouldn’t change anything. Sure, 19 days in the NICU is no one’s dream start to parenthood. No one wants their kid to suffer with allergies and eczema. But that little boy is amazing because of who he is and what we’ve been through. He makes me smile just by peeking around the corner. He makes me cry when he’s in pain. He makes me proud every time he masters a new skill. I’m not just a mom. I’m his mom. I may not have a stellar body or a fat bank account. But I have his love, his laugh, and that contagious little smile to fill my life with riches every day.

What a difference 1 year can make. Not only on him, but on me.

What a difference 1 year can make. Not only on him, but on me.

Happy 1 year baby boy. So many more amazing years ahead of you. And thank you Watson for an amazing little guy, and for surviving this year with me. I am so blessed, and I won’t ever forget it.



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