Oh Temper Tantrums – how I’m done with you already

Just wants his sippy straw bottle with his milk in it, his Disney Junior, and his Elmo chair.

I’m a new mom, that’s obvious. And when he cries a terrible pain takes over my whole body, and I just want to do everything I can to make him happy again…. until now. We’ve suddenly hit this magic change where he sits on the floor and cries big fat tears over nothing. At first I was freaking out thinking something was obviously wrong. I’d pick him up and it would be over in seconds. Then I realized it only happened after I told him no, took something away that he shouldn’t have been playing with, or if I’m taking too long with his bottle. 

They turn one and everyone tells you about the walking, talking, toddler you’ll now have on your hands. They tell you about all the crazy things you did at his age, and how amazed you’ll be with this little human. They don’t tell you how they suddenly turn from only crying if something is wrong to crying about EVERYTHING! I love my baby boy, but holy crap. He’s too smart for his own good, and whats worse, is he knows it. You can see him thinking when he’s working his way over to the couch, climbing it, and giggling as he reaches up to grab the picture frame AGAIN. He KNOWS I’m going to yell at him, and he just giggles the whole freaking time up until I remove him from the couch and place him on the floor. Then, the tears start. Crying like someone just pinched him.

The best part? I’ll sit there and tell him he can’t do that. It’s not nice. Please don’t touch. Then I’ll stop and sit back while he cries just staring at him sipping coffee, and he’ll stop and look at me, then cry a little more, stop and look at me again, then GETS UP AND DOES IT AGAIN! Ugh. I want him to keep growing and learning, and I realize that this is part of that. But goodness gracious, could it be less obnoxious?

I can’t complain too much. The public tantrums haven’t really started. He’s still amazed by everything when we go out, so there is isn’t much to push Momma’s buttons on yet… Yet. He’s only getting more independent every day, and it’s getting harder and harder to see the little baby we brought home. Huh…. So this is how your body tricks you into doing it all over again 😉


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