Monkey’s traumatic journey

Preparing for beach day... what are you packing baby? Oh, blanket. Of course.

Our little guy recently attached to a security blanket. This day was bound to happen. We’ve even tried preparing for it by watching to see what he really likes and buying multiples (I have 3 blue bunnies right now, and while he plays with them, that’s not his favorite). We’ve tried making sure we only buy things that we know we can easily replace. The problem? He didn’t attach to anything we recently bought. He didn’t attach to anything I bought multiples of. And of course! He didn’t attach to anything I can replace.

At Christmas time, I found this cute little security blanket with a monkey head that can hold a pacifier.

It was a great idea for a 1st Christmas preset... until he attached to it, and I couldn't replace it.

It was a great idea for a 1st Christmas present… until he attached to it, and I can’t freaking find another one!

What a cute idea, and something easy for him to pull out of a bag for his first Christmas! Here we are 7 months later and that is HIS monkey. While the pacifier holder is useless, it goes everywhere with us. When he wakes up, he makes sure to grab it before you pick him up out of the crib. If you ask him “Where’s Monkey?”, he’ll literally drop what he’s doing and go on an adventure to find him. While this is amusing most times… this week was not.

Baby decided monkey wanted a bath. In the toilet. That I had not cleaned anytime recently (don’t judge). And while I’m very familiar with hand washing monkey (vomit, food, juice/milk, don’t know/didn’t ask), a toilet experience warrants the washer… even if his tag says otherwise. We’re very lucky that we happened to find a matching blanket to monkey about a month ago that baby is happy to drag around when he’s feeling extra snuggly. So off monkey went on a new adventure and we avoided mentioning monkey for the day so that baby wouldn’t notice (too much) that he was missing. Of course, when monkey came out of the wash, I tried to sneak him upstairs to a sunny spot to dry. Instead eagle eyes spotted him and monkey went off to play damp as could be. Eh, beats toilet water, right?

Sun sets. Sun rises. I kid you not, it wasn’t even 24 hours before crisis two hit for poor Mr. Monkey. Off we went to Wegmans (grocery store if you aren’t from the north), and of course baby wants to play the game where he throws monkey, and waits for the unsuspecting stranger to pick it up. So here I am, brains and all with, “This is how you lose monkey. Now he rides in the cart until we head home”. Bad idea mom. We continue on with our shopping, baby happily flirting away with all of the ladies in the store. We pass through checkout and load up the truck. Throw the cart in the corral, jump in the truck, and we head to Friendly’s for dinner.

As we are leaving the restaurant, baby full and sleepy, he reaches up from his car seat arms waiting for monkey to be inserted. This is how it always goes. Baby in the car seat, buckled, binky, monkey. In. that. order. Except this time… as soon as I put binky in, I realize I don’t see monkey. Daddy and I start looking around, realize monkey didn’t go into the restaurant with us, he’s not in the diaper bag, and he’s not in or around the truck…. Quick run through memory, and neither one of us remember picking monkey up out of the cart. CRAP! Run back to Wegmans and the kid collecting carts is just getting to the corral, but no monkey in sight. Check with the desk, they don’t have him either. Check where we parked hoping he just fell out…. nothing. So baby didn’t lose monkey…. mommy lost monkey. Bad mommy.

Grumpy baby on our way home, but we made it. Gave him his matching blanket, and off to bed he went. Where did mommy go? Amazon of course! Think I could find it? Nope. Checked all over the internet, even with mommy friends… Last resort? Emailed the company. That’s when I got the axe. “We haven’t made that pattern in years.” Guess that’s why I found it at TJ Maxx.

This does have a happy ending. We popped into Wegmans yesterday (2 days have passed) to grab a few things (matching blanket in hand of course), and I figured we’d just swing by the desk assuming they don’t have it. I look at the lady with that “I’m a crazy mom who lost my kid’s favorite monkey” face and asked if she’s seen a monkey with a body that matches the blanket my kid is holding. She looks at me and goes, “Like this?” I kid you not…. I thought I saw a light shine on that little sucker and angels dancing the jig around it. I did a little dance and a shout for joy. Would have hugged her if the counter wasn’t so wide…. Baby handed me his blanket and ripped monkey out of my hands. He hasn’t let go of it since.


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