Teething Tablets

This is our boy an hour after we gave him Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets.

Thanks to a couple of great women (I’m looking at you Tad and Meg), I tried out Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets. I was so nervous to give him something without discussing it with his doctor, especially because of his skin.  I talked to my mom, as well as a few friends, and received mixed reviews. Some said it was a welcome relief to their little one, and others said they noticed no improvement. What I did not receive, was one mention of a negative impact on their child. So we bought some the next day and gave them to him before dinner.  Continue reading


A Bad Day

On his good days, when the teeth aren't so bad, he loves to be up and walking on his own!

Today was a bad day. Baby boy is cutting 3 teeth (that I can see) at once and it’s getting the better of us both. He’s miserable and only wants to be held, but he doesn’t want you to sit down and hold him. I am exhausted, my arms hurt, and I can’t listen to him cry anymore. It took an hour to get him down for bed tonight and he’s waking up every half an hour crying. Just when we were making progress with this whole sleep training thing. My nerves are frayed from listening to him cry so much. I feel helpless, but worse, I feel frustrated. Continue reading

Damn it Eczema

He gets so excited when he hears the theme song to Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Finally got a good picture of him when it starts.

Ugh. I feel like we’ll never win this fight against eczema. We’ve been keeping on top of it with nightly baths, weekly oatmeal baths, and twice daily lotion. I triple check everything. Did I wash that in Dreft? I removed all dryer sheets and fabric softener, right? What new foods did he try this week? But don’t you know it… he had another flare up. This one just doesn’t seem to want to go away. Well baby boy had his 9 month wellness check up and they told us he’s perfectly healthy! Except his skin. It’s infected. Again. UGH! Continue reading

Are we really ready for this?

We're up and ready to move, just got to figure out how those legs work

Our little guy is ready to crawl, you can just see it on his face when we play on the floor. He gets up on his hands and knees and scoots across the floor, but doesn’t quite grasp the concept of moving those little legs yet. On top of that, now he’s figured out that he can navigate his walker, which translates to my DVD stand is being terrorized. And he loves to walk! He’ll demand to get down, holding our hands of course, and walk all over the house and investigate everything. He’s so ready to learn, and all I can think is “Are we really ready for this?”.  Continue reading