Four Month Checkup

Makes you just want to scoop him up and snuggle doesn't it?

Today was the day of his dreaded 4 month checkup.  This is the first time the doctor has seen him since he first prescribed antibiotics to help fight a skin infection developed from the Eczema.  So the checkup consisted of all the normal chatter.  We talked more about our little guys skin.  It has improved, but is still in pretty rough condition.  We’ve recently found that the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturizer is actually working much better than the Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy even did.  So we’re already applying the lotion 3-4 times a day on top of nightly baths.  And now we’re trying a topical antibiotic instead of the oral.  Hoping it heals the spots left that are really bad.

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Poor Sick Baby

The best picture I could find of his skin. We were on a road trip and he'd had enough of his carseat already.

My poor guy has been struggling with scaly skin that was red, scaly, and itchy.  I thought it was just cradle cap and we kept giving him a bath and scrubbing it, waiting for it to resolve.   But then his legs and arms broke out and it seemed to be spreading everywhere.  The doctor took one look and said what I feared.  Not only did our boy have eczema but he was suffering from a skin infection and very likely had an allergy to the soap we were using.  And all I could think is that I was using Johnson & Johnson products only!  They are supposed to be the go to product for babies, right? Apparently not. Continue reading