Monkey’s traumatic journey

Preparing for beach day... what are you packing baby? Oh, blanket. Of course.

Our little guy recently attached to a security blanket. This day was bound to happen. We’ve even tried preparing for it by watching to see what he really likes and buying multiples (I have 3 blue bunnies right now, and while he plays with them, that’s not his favorite). We’ve tried making sure we only buy things that we know we can easily replace. The problem? He didn’t attach to anything we recently bought. He didn’t attach to anything I bought multiples of. And of course! He didn’t attach to anything I can replace. Continue reading


Yes I have a Nanny. You can stop judging now.

Someone was "helping" me as I tried to pick up his play room. Yes. Those are books behind him that he is so helpfully pulling back OUT of the basket. Little bugger...

Dear friend,

Watson and I know that we are very blessed to be able to work from home and spend so much time with our amazing little guy. We knew it would be an awkward topic so we kept hiring a nanny to ourselves  until it was done. And when we talk about our adventures at home with a part-time nanny, I can see the judgement cross your face.  Continue reading

Customer Service

A small break to smile at me. The surprise Blue Jay getting a break from him attacking it. Poor birdie.

I usually find product issues to go one of two ways.  Either I never complain about it because I know it won’t go anywhere, or I submit a complaint and it doesn’t go anywhere. So imagine my surprise when I put in a product complaint, and the company turned around and fixed it in a matter of days.  Not only did they fix it, they sent something extra for my special little guy.

If you don’t know what Evenflo’s 3-in-1 Exersaucer is, you need to find out.  My little guy absolutely loves it.  I’m all about ways of saving money and saving space.  This is loaded in toys and activities for him to play with.  One of the major reasons we bought it was because it would grow with him from tummy time, to exersaucer, to activity table.   And it’s been amazing to see him grow up over these few months with it.  But we ran into a small problem.   Continue reading