Attempts to Clean

There is nothing better than to see this handsome smile.

Everyone tells you having a baby is the most exhausting thing you’ll ever do, but that it is totally worth it.  They tell you to nap when he naps, but who has that kind of time?  With feedings every 2-3 hours and diaper changes even more often how does one nap?  I even worry when he’s too quite and dash over to check he’s breathing.  What no one tells you is what your house looks like after the baby is home.  The last part of your pregnancy you daydream of bringing baby home and organize his drawers and sort out the various baby accessories you’ve been given or purchased.  Now that he’s home all of that organization is gone.  My house is littered in baby paraphernalia and lets not talk about that amount of cleaning this poor house needs.  Add to it the doctors appointments, weekly nurse visits, and preparing to go back to work and I get excited when I get even a load of laundry done. Continue reading