Baltic Amber What?

Reading one of his favorite books. Sesame Street's Nighty-Night.

As you know, we struggle with baby boy’s incoming teeth. They cause him so much pain, but Hyland’s Teething Tablets made such a huge difference. Now he has molars coming in and he digs so hard at his face that he just shreds his little cheek. So back to the mommy blogs I went looking for an answer besides drugging him with Motrin and Teething Tablets all day. I keep seeing multiple moms talk about Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces. It’s nothing he chews on, just something you put around their neck and some VooDoo magic comes in and makes it all better (If I tried to actually explain it, it would be much worse than this). If you want the real explanation you can read it here on Amber by Amanda. So lots of research (and reviews) later, I found one on Amazon that I decided to try with the intention of returning it once I realized it wasn’t working… Continue reading


What’s Burning?

Happy New Year!!

Watson and I are both very blessed to be able to work from home for different companies. I work during the day and Watson does overnights. And during the holidays everything is very slow so I got to spend a lot of quality time with my little guy. But this wasn’t how I wanted to start my new years.  Continue reading

Rolling Over

A nice morning surprise to see my guy happy and "chatting" to his mobile!

I’ve been eagerly waiting and watching my little guy for any signs that he is going to rollover.  And so far nothing.  I won’t say I’m worried, he’s too smart for any of that nonsense.  We know he can, we’ve gone in his room because he rolled over and woke himself up (he hates sleeping on his back). But I want to see it happen! Continue reading

Customer Service

A small break to smile at me. The surprise Blue Jay getting a break from him attacking it. Poor birdie.

I usually find product issues to go one of two ways.  Either I never complain about it because I know it won’t go anywhere, or I submit a complaint and it doesn’t go anywhere. So imagine my surprise when I put in a product complaint, and the company turned around and fixed it in a matter of days.  Not only did they fix it, they sent something extra for my special little guy.

If you don’t know what Evenflo’s 3-in-1 Exersaucer is, you need to find out.  My little guy absolutely loves it.  I’m all about ways of saving money and saving space.  This is loaded in toys and activities for him to play with.  One of the major reasons we bought it was because it would grow with him from tummy time, to exersaucer, to activity table.   And it’s been amazing to see him grow up over these few months with it.  But we ran into a small problem.   Continue reading

The feelings I never prepared for

My high-school sweet heart with our little guy. Not in a million years did I expect to feel so much looking at the two of them together.

I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was young.  I wasn’t in a rush, just knew it was something I really wanted.  I expected the long nights and diaper disasters everyone warns you about.  What I didn’t expect was how extreme my feelings are for my son.  It’s like a whole new definition of love.   Continue reading

Liebster Award Nominee

I was nominated by Meaningful Mommy!

I had a big surprise waiting for me in my inbox.  The wonderful meaningful mommy nominated me for a Liebster Award!  As I am fairly new to the blogging world, I had no idea what this was.  According to her:

It is an award for new bloggers with less than 200 followers. It is a way to hopefully get your blog out there to share all it has to offer.

Here are the Official Rules for accepting the Liebster Award:

 1. Answer the questions given and then come up with 10 new ones to ask your nominations.
2. Nominate 8 other blogs, let them know you have nominated them and put a link to their blog in your post.
3. No Tag backs.
4. Nominations must have under 200 followers.
5. You must tell all the blogs that you nominate that you have nominated them.

So even though this is a non-achievement award, I’m still pretty stoked. Not only because she has a great blog, but because I’m nominated with many other wonderful bloggers!   Continue reading